You Have To Weep Alone



The world is a pool of very selfish people. Most of them are motivated by their own interests to flatter others, and everyone “feathers their own nest” ultimately. It is an impulse which makes them love others and to care for others, while they remain somewhat ignorant of underlying motives. Who doesn’t know that in this world almost everybody flatters, obeys and tries to please the bread earner in the family? Everyone is at his beck and call. He is the most important person for all in the family as, one-way or the other, he satisfies their selfish needs. While as the good-for-nothing idle members in the family are shown mere lip sympathy or formal regard, and more often are not reproached for their being a burden or a parasite on the earning hands.

The other aspect of the picture of family hierarchy is if one’s company can add to the pleasure of others. Well and good, others will laugh with you on your small success because success is relative and in ironical terms, the more success the more relatives, as your success and laughter added to their own health and merry-making. If you haen to be fortunes favorite, they will gather around you as if you are nectar to their long searches for sweetness You are counted among the most capable and benevolent. You become a family name to them. But, all is not rosy if you start bewailing your poverty, handicaps, sorrows and sufferings, why should others weep with you. Why should they disturb their pleasure of social life by confining themselves to your company? In their hearts of hearts they will surely say, “Go to hell, you idiot !”.

They are not to be bothered. They go on keeping their own lives at their green meadows and take pleasure from your misfortunes. Making their lives a bed of roses, they go on finding faults with your decisions and life approach but never consider the faith or working of GOD.

Alas! Well-wishers have turn into fault-finders. Earlier all of them flocked around you but now you are alone under the broad sky. A little lip sympathy is enough for you. What more can be done? So finish this bewailing. So listen to the words of wisdom uttered by a saint, “Don’t go to another persons place to bewail your own sorrows.” What is the use? Nobody will share them. So weep bitterly in solitude. Exceptions may be there of some kind-hearted man who will really share your grief, but such exceptions do not disprove the truth.

“Laugh and others will laugh with you, weep and you weep alone”.

The End.

(The writer, Syed Tajamul Imran, is a common man fighting Status quo, IT student, Activist, Young Writer and hails from Nazneenpora, village of south Kashmir’s Shopian district. He can be reached at

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