You Are My Oriflamme

You are my oriflamme, Love!
Your eyes – like words
deeply carved upon my soul!
The sun – an embedded cold
in your embrace.

Elevate; my soul, Love!
End this hollow grimace.

O! Chivalrous – you are
abiding in silent caricature
A marvel – your spinning
of mystic, enigmatic dreams

Fabricate them ethereally upon my lids,
Put me ceaselessly to sleep, Love!

Your lashes – a lofty perplexity
clouds seem to be tattered snow
Bewitching is your bliss
“Nature’s favoured” a hiss

But those pangs left me blind
and wounds altered me numb
Bewilderment erased my abode
In exile, I’m purged a lump

Soothe me, mediate with your lashes,
Screen me from the insatiable, Love!

“They” are pretty masQueraders
with penetrating teeth in smile-esque way
Those tear me apart, I bleed
they pierce deep within

But your touch would forever heal
mark me in and out, Love!

This “longing” is my fate
not for a moment does it abate
Efface this portentous chronicle
Regale – anew,
Spare me this daunting redeem,

I have you and that be my cure,
“Come now; O! Come now, Love!”

~ Marriah Naeem

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