Wildest Truth

I confront the wildest truth
that love completes you,the selfless love
love finds a place to dwell in
not can we strive for its attainment
he said with his voice lowered
let us first be worthy of love
I looked away with modesty
and the eyes filled with tears
his head lowered
I could see the tears dripping down his chest
and I say
let us first be worthy of love
love was always deeply enveloped inside my heart
It’s light always shines inside me
now let it bring out the best of me
I stumbled a million times
but after every fall,
I stood up
something within kept me going
I took steps,one after the other
I walked with confidence
love unveiling my strengths
which were yet not known to me
I ran on roads
on which I thought I couldn’t walk
love revealing me with my own self
the door bell rings
my heart beats loud and the soul sings
he standing there
we look at each other
he smiles,I smile back
but I can also see tears in his eyes
clinching fists tightly
we whisper to each other
yes,we are worthy of love…

~Qadri Madiha

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