What Life Is To Me

Sometimes it’s happy, and sometimes sad;
Sometimes it’s delighting, and sometimes it’s mad.
Sometimes it gives us pleasure and hard times too,
Sometimes it’s an irony of which we got no clue.
We have luxury, and yet sometimes wretched fortune,
Other days we face victory, at times a vote down too.
Sometimes you feel dejected and hence dismayed,
But it’s all a part of life, like they always say.
Eventually you will learn to live through the times,
In rough sledding, your face full of smiles.
But that smile, not always ought to be true,
So faux, so pseud, you know it’s true.
To some- life is money and to some it may be pleasure,
To some it is victory, and for a few it’s leisure.
But lemme tell you my friend, life isn’t that too,
The word’s significance can only be reckoned by you.

by Danish Shakeel

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