Strange want of unfolding tattered stories of my life, as I am, redirected to another and another part, ultimately ending into an unlimited loop.I sat there, staring at the vastness of great skies, recalling all the occurrences of my life, (surely nothing to cherish) in no particular order. They were arriving through the slots of my mind of their own, with one miserable part pushing the other making it a battleground of pain. At first, the sky appeared just as it exists on any other day: the despondent and gloomy weather, with no signs of downpour. I began visualizing all those shattered moments, of my hapless and forlorn existence. Words of fire that are thrown through space and time at me. It reminded me of my vacuous attitude towards life that certainly created havoc and bedlam in my life. Times when misfortune crashed its shell over me, times when I was indictable for my being. Those tragedies were struggling through my brain to narrate their ordeal to establish those pieces through which I have grown yet I have not left them in past. I did not forgot the ignominy, I was compelled to face for vindicate reasons, how queerly I have been incognizant about being a source of agony for others. The silence of my sphere caused those intrinsic screams sound louder and magnified. I was way lost into the shards of my past, which were shuddering to bleed my heart. Chains were tightening their grip round my bosom, to prevent collapsing of this imbecile heart under tremendous burthen of disquieted mind. I felt my heart rising up to my throat, as if escaping the jigsaw of my thoughts. To release off the chaotic soul, the warmth of tears put momentarily pause to the circus within my mind, while,moments re-gathered themselves into the crowded parts of my brain. It prompted me to realize how vulnerable I have grown, how my domain has strongly dejected me.As rejuvenation phase failed miserably to control my outburst of emotions, I continued to stare through the void, perceiving an end to my convulsions. The void, that was not wide open to swim through, but enough to lead me, out of this noise. As I gazed though that emptiness, I envisioned a hand,approaching to heal my broken self. As it reached closer, I felt the layers of my clotted heart mitigating in presence of certain powers operating through the air. Squeezed heart was relieved to pump away all grieves, and restart the story, aiming at better and ecstatic endings. Tranquil body ran to sleep peacefully, for as long as the composed swirl exists by the greatest Power. As I opened my shutters, I fore mostly,searched for the void, that led me to peace. I grew anxious,agitated, searched until the horizon. Those white clouds that surrounded my void were all gone. The maze has changed it’s pattern. I feared for it was time to return to dark and tenebrous alleys of pessimism, which might consume me one day. have I lost the hope that arrived to hold my hand and walk with me to brighter sides of the wall? Questions raised again, as Why only me? I grew impatient and distressed, for I could not lose myself again to that abysm. However, what I saw was magnificent, spell bound; the void has broadened throughout the sky, it was calling aloud to me, with blessings of assistance arriving in large numbers. I laughed and mirth fully spread my wings, calling upon the Lord to lead me to the land of peace.

~Shaila Mir

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