Unfinished Hug

To this crimsoned horizon-I
Keep looking timelessly over
A vivid image of your soul
Conquering the vast sky-I
Sitting on the bench fantasying
The moments of our eternal love
The allurement of your hypnotic smile-You
Striding forth to reach my arms-Uplifting
Widely for an incredible hug-To
Imbibe your whole self into mine
Just as I bend my arms to induce you in me
The MUAZIN makes an announcement
Waking me up with His-
Incessant voice of this Azhaan-I
Come out of the fantasy-As
The dusk has already reached to it’s end
There is the darkness I can see only-Where
You disappeared in this darkness again-And
The heart throbbing Hug-Remained unfinished yet once again.

~Ubaid Majeed

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