Truth Behind Deception | Chapter 1

I’m not sure how a psychoanalyst defines dream a thought, a subconscious reflection, recollection of a desire or something else. I did not Google for a diligent review of dreams as that would probably rob me of the originality of expression of such wonderful dream that I had during the previous night. I saw myself in completely white attire looking like that fairy of my childhood stories, with my hair blowing in the breeze and wisps of black gently striking my face. A while after I say *him* and hugged him. It appeared as idyllic as it used to be in those halcyon days. We were standing on the terrace of our two storied house and it appeared to me as if we were married. Suddenly my alarm clock started ringing and I woke up in the middle of such dream with a sweet lingering fragrance of the past intimately intertwined with the reality of my present. “Who was this guy in my dreams?” I asked myself. In the heart of hearts I actually knew who *he* was but I didn’t want to talk or even think about it. Even though my present life is completely disconnected to the person and venue in that dream sequence yet the dream presented itself as a virtual reality without any glitch or oddity. And I did not suspect one bit of fiction or fantasy in that sequence and I couldn’t have because it came to me in the form of a dream. As I kept thinking about it my favourite phone’s 360×640 screen displayed Farhan calling and it interrupted my chain of thoughts. He’d called to remind me of our plan to spend the entire day together. Farhan is Engineering student and is my Boyfriend. He is just a ‘Mr. Perfect’ if I describe him in one word. He isn’t a pushover, he can be tough when he has to be. He is what I might call as My Knight and my Shining Armour. He is someone who hates lies and can even take the person to death if he lies..

Haiqa Nowsheen

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