This Heart Is Not My Own

I trapped it in my feeble hand,
And tied it with many a band.

I watched it like a scarecrow,
Never blinked in threat of a foe.

But what happened one day,
My rosy cheeks turned grey.

This heart of mine broke it’s cage with fire
And left me wandering in high air.

Suddenly found it like a grave.
which was treated as though a lowly slave.

I begged for it to return,
But got nothing, and then I mourned.

One day, after long it came back
but it’s beautiful physique it lacked.

Crevices of blood on every side,
Looking as through a groomless bride

Took it to all the fmous healers
They snatched only my precious jewelles.

Ruined my cheerful stage,
Helped by neither any aid nor wage

Everything scares me now,
And lo ! You call it Love.

by Bhat Rayees Sursona

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