The Wedding Bells

It was still dawn when I stepped out of the cab and walked towards the entry gate of the Delhi airport. The early morning air of February was pleasantly cold.
I was travelling to Bengaluru to attend a college friend’s wedding. It had been four years since we graduated from the same college. This wedding was also going to be a reunion of our batch. But what I didn’t know was that the reunion would begin much ahead of time; right from the queue in front of the airline counter.
I was almost sure it was her. Same height! Same long hair! Same complexion! Curiosity had my eyes glued to her. And then about sixty odd seconds later, when she turned, she proved me right. My ex-girlfriend stood two places ahead of me in that queue. We had never met after the college farewell.
And after a long pause, she gave me a soothing smile,and I was all in all a big shock as the very next moment she was heading towards me. Finally I heard her voice after a great elapse in time.
“Hello Utkarsh.. how are you..” She said calmly.
“Adira are you seriously talking to me” I said, almost startled. I had not even dreamt of this.
“Oh come on Utkarsh past was just a blow of few things nothing else. We should always learn how to celebrate our present”.
Startled I said “Really!!! I mean you are so changed…” and the announcement of flight interrupted the most pleasant conversation of my life.
“I am sorry, I have to leave Utkarsh…its my flight”.
“Ohh my god!! Thankfully its the same as I expected. You are also in the same flight Adira. Hope you are too leaving for Bengaluru…”
Adira replied “Yeahh its obvious.. ”
“ohh so lets go for a reunion of those unforgettable days..!!!”
Finally we were be seated well at a proper distance from each other, which caused a break to that interaction. I was impatiently waiting for the landing, my eyes is still glued to her, her¬†mesmerizing smile, unmatched gestures that had made me fall in love with her again! Butt I had also realized that she hadn’t even looked at me since that one formal smile.
Finally we landed and I followed her in rush, but unfortunately couldn’t chase her at the Bengaluru airport. Her cab passed in rush.
I was in little disheartened but also anxious and excited about meeting her again in the Sumrit’s wedding. He was our common and best friend right from the beginning days of college, and finally its the eve.
“ohh my my ..Sumrit my dear..!! Its a treat to my eyes to see you again …” I congratulated him with a warm hug and suddenly I asked “where is Vyaakhya?” His bride.
“Come on dear I want meet her. After all your relationship is wearing a new recognition. Both of you finally getting married..”
” Sure utkarsh she is right there in her room ” he directed me.
“I am going meet her” and I entered in her room also with a hope to see “Adira”.
Vyaakhya too greeted me well with a cherished hug. It was a first marraige in our group. Sumrit and Vyaakhya had been in relationship since the college days.
Adira entered the room with a lovable scream, that displayed the bonding of two. Adira held Vyaakhya with words of blessings and many congratulations . I was silently just looking at her and soon we headed for dinner.
“Its truly a great reassociation of all four” I said hiding my excitement. Suddenly Sumrit held my hand and pulled me towards the corner and said to me …”ohh man what are you doing I can still see that love in your eyes for her. Just forget the past and get her back…”
I asked in a low tone “Sumrit are you sure?”. He replied “yes I am damm sure..just go!! Be seated in the backyard… I am sending her there.”
And I did the same. I was deadly waiting for her with all the mixed feelings in my heart and finally she came. All of sudden I got on my knees and said it all without a single pause. “I am truely sorry Adira, I was the one who messed it all,but now I truely want to make the things perfect.” She stayed quite.
I kept on asking, but she didn’t utter a single word. I stood up and held her wrist passionately “just say Adira! please do answer me .” And then I had no idea what was going to happen.
She pushed me away and shouted, “love?? What kind of love it was it was about priorities only..I dont love you anymore.. you left me when I needed you most…and you were only an affair for me Utkarsh!! If you truely want to listen …then listen” her voice choking”
“I love Sumrit! he was the only one who was there everytime after you…but…when I was about to tell him, he proposed Vyaakhya the very same day” she paused to conceal her broken self.
” But now its all over Utkarsh…” She continued.
And she left the place, failing badly to stop the tears from rolling down her beautiful face.
I was lost in the worst truth of my life and I decided that I will complete this love story…not mine but Adria’s love story which was “Sumrit”.
The next morning was the morning to bless the wedding couple, but I had some other plans but had no clue about the consequences. All I knew was that I was in love with her.
I met Sumrit in lonely room told him everything. But Sumrit got angry and disappointed, he didnt even listen to me once. I kept on convincing him. He was just pissed off and said, “man you have any idea what are you talking about? I love Vyaakhya… its the wedding day just get out of here…”
I left his room and called Adira. She was not ready to meet me. I told her everything on phone and she just aborted the call . And rushed towards the hall. I was sitting there and she came to me held my hand and took me to a lonely place and started with the words, “Utkarsh !! Do you have any idea what you did?” She gave me a tight slap, “its their wedding day…and why you did so”. I whispered “Adira because I love you…”
She started reacting like anything “Oh really you love me…now just listen to me, I love you too…I lied to you that worst night all because you leftme for your priorities… and what if now after a couple of years you leave me again…love is not a priority. Priority changes …love doesn’t. I am no more able to loose you again…I just love you…and after all she held me so tightly.
“Ohh I got my whole world”. We cried and cried a lot. She told me to make things clear go to Sumrit.
Finally, the love story was complete. Sumrit and Vyaakhya got married happily and now another love story is going to be completed… me and “Adira” are going to get married… in the next week…!!!

~Vaidehi Sharma

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