The Vista Of Faith

In the hazy vista the aurora broke,
Roseate like a pair of comely lips,
Blonde like the fairy-tale locks,
Jubilant like the lascar boy,
Shimmering like the scimitar blade,
Ecstatic like a heart in love,
I went inside and crawled over,
I descried it and slithered away,
Into the murk inside,
Dingy in the brilliant lights,
Harbacking the fourteen long years,
Exhilarating, sweaty play with ya’ll,
In the chortling lenient heat,
And later the study hustle and bustle,
Was ample to kill the mind,
And ever in all my notions and feats,
And even in the seagull’s yowls,
Will bide the memory of ya’ll,
Now the heart, having fallen away,
Asking for all the gory details,
Of the times we had cheek by jowl,
And of the alma mater it reminisces,
Seeking an answer to its protestation,
And unleashing the feeling of being lonely,
Secure and commodious,
Fed-up and balmy,
Prosaic and torpid,
Horrified by my awakened hallucination,
Of no more being a Hallian,
And petrified by the vista of faith….

Anzer Ahmed

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