The Unsignified Jealousy

Okay I am jealous of her, you would ask why? Then let me tell you, she is all happy in her small  word accustomed to her belongings, a well built house a man to woo her, kids to call her mother and her own space. Yes she is treated so nicely in her home. You would ask me again why should I be jealous and hold grudges against an ordinary lady? Want to know? Then let me take out that same wooden box and blood stained napkins I have kept all these years in corner of my heart as well as my attic to express my jealousy. Okay here is a man sniffing hard and lamenting over his lost love and what about me? Yes he is heart broken for the same lady who once was a young girl of my age and had a guy to woo her but instead she turned him down and decided to lay down the foundation of new life with the other man who Loves her whole heartedly the way he could have loved her! Yes you look at me! Am I not righteous enough to be wooed? Cant I be loving enough to keep you happy? and you ask me why should I not be jealous of her? Okay young lad then let me tell you that I don’t have anyone who loves me enough and to whom I could cry at this hour of night over the unwritten letters. With stained napkins and tears soaking in the pillows over lost love or even any other man ready to lay foundation of his new life with me and people ask me why am I jealous of an ordinary girl! Either I should confront you why cant I be the one being jealous of with at least one getting my love and he getting my? This way at least wont get turmoils of my rejection crying with box of numerous love letters stained napkins and tears trickling!

~Jyotsana G Singh

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