The Tree Of Soul

The man , the so called “best of
creations” of the nature, is not good or
bad .Rather, the good and the evil are
both within him. Not without. He
contains an angel as well as a demon in

That one side (either good or bad ) of
his self which he fosters,naturally
suppresses the other.The suppressed
being (or side) always struggles to
overpower its opposite counterpart.
Moreover, the eminent side of his self is
always under a constant threat of losing
its power and prominence . But it all
depends on its strength itself.

‘Good and evil, they are like two seeds
sown into your soul. ‘ Sustenance they
recieve from both within and without.
Each is responsive severally to its own
kind of nourishment and environment.
The one which acquires more internal
and external stimuli and nourishment
,flourishes to become ” the tree of your
soul”. The other seed failing to grow
into a tree doesn’t die but sprouts in the
form of a weed or a climber twined
around this tree as a parasite sucking
and draining, striving to grow bigger
than its host.

Whether the tree of your soul grows out
of the good or the bad seed , both bear
their fruits. For the good tree to bear
fruits , much of toil , endurance , care
and patience is requisite while for the
evil tree , the fruits are borne rather
effortlessly. But the wait and the
hardwork are both worth it as the
fruits of the good tree will be sweet as
honey , fragrant as rose and colourful
as spring bloom. Dulcifying,
brightening and filling with fragrance
“the gardens of life”.

As for the evil fruits , they are bitter
and sour, dark and pungent. They
gloom and make barren the otherwise
fertile gardens of life. These fruits of
evil are delusional. They appear
colourful, plump, pulpy and allure the
naive and gullible eyes. However their
real colour and nature is discovered

As it is human nature , that we
comprehend things through their
opposites. Dark makes us appreciate the
light. Encounter with the evil makes us
know the goodness of the good.
This tree of your soul is but
inconstant. No matter how huge and
strong, it is always prone to damage or
even altogether diminishment. A good
tree( good side of soul) may get dwarfed
while the bad creeper may lengthen
and swell or vice versa.The reason
being variation in stimuli to one or
both. This process of alternative growth
and decrement continues time and
again in case of simple common men
( most of us).

But there is always some exceptional,
perseverant, endeavouring ” gardner”
who works diligently to cultivate and
maintain “the good tree of his soul” . ‘
He pours out the blood of his desires
and the sweat of his virtuous deeds at
its roots , seeking the light from God to
nurture this tree.’

And ultimately success is what he
gets.Real fruits are borne , the garden is
beautified , ready to be cherished and
benefitted from, by anybody and
everybody. The gardner is contented
and grateful. Now he doesnt want
anything.Now he doesnt fear anything.
Hence , The Lord surely proved to
man , and the man to his Lord that
‘he is the best of creations”.
~Iqra Altaf

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