The Tree and Me

Passing through a serene colourful horizon,
Meeting full of wonders,
With an intricate angel of nature,
Namely a tree,
But greatly a mark,
unconsciously lost in its depth,
Confronting its dignity,
Although in search of my vigour,
As impressed with its class,
Although unaware of my inner revolution ,
Longing for its tasty fruits,
Yet tasteless of my own dreams,
epitome of all height,
Although ignorant of my own reach,
Satisfied with its age,
Although doubtful about my twilight ,
In love with its shadow,
Although unsure about my own strength,
Praising for its existence,
Yet unanswered of my own survival,
Impressed with its greenery,
Although underestimating my own blood,
Boasting its powerful roots,
Although ignorant of my own boots.

~Mohammad Mohsin

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