The Lesser Evils

There she sat along the row down across to that corner, apparently busy with office stuff. Meanwhile her phone beeped. It was a text from her brother which read like this, “Hey sister,might not be able to come over, I’ve got issues to look after. Would you please leave early & go home. Stay safe. Just in case, if I finish I’ll call and come over before your departure. ”

So when the closure came near she evidently expected her brother to show up. He didn’t come or to be more gentle: he couldn’t. Well she decided wait an hour more and offered an extra hour to her routine.

Apparently her brother as per his message didn’t turn up & she started walking towards home. It was late & dark; the creepy dark that gives you goosebumps & if you are alone, it grows worse. Not much of people around made her tremble. While she was on her way to the taxi stand; she felt stalked. That had freaked her already too much when the next moment she was treated by a “BOOO !”. Eventually, this boogie guy came out to be her colleague. His laugh was viscious & conspired to her loss of heart beats in stretch. She was treated to a relaxing statement in the mean time; “Well as it turns out to be that you’re alone & in need of subtle assistance, let me do the honor to see you off to a cab. Not less then my sister you are, as your colleague its my responsibility to ensure your safety.”

With this being done, she was restored of her lost heartbeats. It was late & very rarely at this time would a cab pass; that just depends on your fate. A while later, while her fate seemed to have been tired of glitches, a cab showed up. The colleague made a sign to him & parked afront, knowing that this could be the last she hopped in without those leeching second thoughts. The cab moved on to the stated address. The drivers appears came as a taunt to her safety-thoughts. She was anxious & freaked once more. The driver made a stare by the mirror over his head which he felt made her restless. As a surprise here’s what he said; “Ma’am I assure you your safety, please don’t panic. Alike my sister you are, alike her a responsibility you are to me. ” The driver dropped her off & even denied to accept the fare. Where she was dropped it would take her like 7 minutes absolutely to her house in fourth lane; she lived in third. The driver admitted to drive no further.

All along by herself to the streets wrapped in black silks with bulbs flashing as fireflies. She, after covering a few paces, came to halt at a spot where a few men sat by a vendor; smoking grey to the blackness. One of them made a hasty notion to others & waved in her direction. You would not know how it felt like to her, she was quivering. She felt giving into the blankness which kind of seemed to make her tremble to all the possibilities that committed. The man stood before her now when suddenly he flashed…What did he flash? What possible do you think it was? It was a flashlight! but look how you trembled to the miseries you thought of. It came out to be her neighbor who assured that he would accompany her home on all costs as a responsibility. Apparently the girl was home safe.

Now think of all the instances. Wherever the situation of dilemmas rose you tended to your negative fears and crippled assertions. This something-bad-will-happen is a fear that has poured into to society by both the genders & not one. If everyman would think like the either three in the story, how good could that be?

All dear men, treat girls as your responsibilities not otherwise. You live because of them, you came into this world because of her.

By Khawaja Musadiq

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