The grapes were sour, and so was her ‘love’!

She was a teen who believed she loved him. Mistaking infatuation for love was something common among the teenagers, but she refused to accept the fact that it was infatuation.

He was half a decade older to her. Kind hearted as he was, he tried convincing her that it was just infatuation and nothing more than that. Nonetheless, she chose to disagree with him on his views about her feelings for him.

She pestered him all the time, but caring as he was, in spite of his busy schedule, he managed to reply to her messages, repeatedly reminding her that it wasn’t love, but a phase that a teenager goes through.

This went on for a few months, after which the number of messages he received from her began to lessen. And one fine day, he stopped receiving messages from her. She was trying to distance herself from him to get over him, he thought.

They never spoke to each other till the time he realized that she had been talking of him disparagingly. He confronted her by meeting her at a coffee shop, but she was not the person she had once been. Her love for him had disappeared into thin air. He could not believe his ears when she said unpleasant things about him. Was she the same girl who cried every night for him, he wondered. She couldn’t be.

He left the coffee shop after a heated argument with her about the derogatory comments she had made on him. He knew there wasn’t any point talking to her. Had she really loved him, she would never do such a thing, he told himself. He had come to realize one thing-She was no different from the fox that leaped with all his strength to reach the grapes hanging high on the vine but said that the grapes were sour on failing to reach it. She tried her best to make him fall for her, but when he did not reciprocate in spite of all her efforts, she spoke ill of him.

Little did she know that one could not force anyone to love oneself. Little did she know that love was about letting them go when they did not feel the same for you. Love happens, but you cannot make it happen. That’s one reason it’s called love.

If you love someone, let them free. Don’t force them. If you are meant to be, they would fall for you at some point of time, but if you are not, you cannot change your fate.

By Suhaan Rehbar.

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