The Evening Sun

When I’d write something
for you,
I’d make sure its deep
down from heart…
I’d make sure it suffices
your longing
and makes you warm
a bit
and cold enough.
I’d make sure it sets right
there where you want,
There where your heart
would want…
and arouses in you
the darkness and
the glitters of life within…
And beyond and behind
those branches,
with sprouting buds…
I’d make sure you rely on it
just as i find myself safe
within you…
Just as sure as i am,
of this,
and i know you’d hold me,
if ever i’d stumble…
I’d make sure my words,
give you the same grip…
I’d make sure when i jot them…
on the pages of your
crimson sky!!!


Aiman Banday

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