That Milky Moon

That milky moon which is bathing in the white beams; Splashes her shine upon things on earth. Once you glance over it while being too close to, will surely blind your Eyes.
Yes, that sun which is garmenting the entire earth with it’s brightness and warm waves; once you zoom it, will burn you.
Beauty! haah,
From far, pinches your desires to grab it,to touch it, to wear it; finally bomboozles you with it’s art of illusiory.
New things! seem much magnetic at a level, where you are forced with your inner even to be a magnate in it’s achievement; once you
achieve, starts getting old. Your temptations start to decline same as the ‘New brooms sweep clean’.
All the secrets attacking your curiosity; sprout the squelching thrill in your mind; once unveiled invites the monotony.
See those faces! which are rulling your attention and stealing you from yourself; like those shining sands of desert which seem as water. Don’t submit your thirst there.
And My silences, which are pregnant of tremendous grief; once you unlock, will devastate you with tsunami of tears!

Eve’s Protektor

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