Suicide is never a Solution

Moment you feel dejected and depressed
At times even so offended and oppressed
Faced a failure or a mistake you regret
Vexed by increasing interest on a debt
And deep inside you decide to Suicide
An Immoral and evil act you abide with pride
Emotional heartaches creates a severe pain
Putting a full stop on rationality of your brain
You start cursing your life and yourself
And Praying for death and killing thyself
Poison, Sleeping pills or blades in your head
Better than this life you feel being dead
Please excuse me before you proceed
And answer will she live seeing you bleed
How can you forget the days on his shoulder
You can’t be so cruel, they are getting older
Who guarantees suicide ending your pain
May be you end up again in vain
Once you are dead and can’t suicide again
Please use your brain before you act insane
Problems and sufferings are part of our life
Solution is not poison or cutting with a knife
Accepting the mistake is a way to be great
In troublesome life learn to appreciate
Life is a blessing you need to perceive
What positive thoughts can only achieve
Face the failure and face the fear
The days of success are very near
You are born to lead
You will surely succeed
Have faith and Stay strong inside
And remember Suicide is never a Solution…

~Faiez Ajaz Moharkan

(Writer request everyone to share in order to create awareness. He did a bit from his side to stand against SUICIDE and now it’s your turn. Please take time to share it.)

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