Success A Choice

Success is not achieved merely by dreaming.
If success came from only dreaming, then the word failure would have disappeared from the Earth.
You need to delve into yourself and look what you are heading towards
If you want to make your future better, make use of every passing moment in the present.
Comfort makes you lethargic.
Light up your heart with the fire of passion.
You owe them for the pain you gained
Let your heart be ignited with zest and zeal.
With your light, enlighten the world.
My friend! There is no one who will come to save you.
So look not for others. They won’t there for you.
Let you not be depressed by sorrows my friend!
Oh my friend! let not your mistakes hamper your path.
Let you become a learner, a Repenter , an observer.
And you be watchful of your thoughts.
Mould yourself from yourself.

~Zaid Farooq

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