Story of Those Eyes

Those are the eyes that once radiated warmth, pleasure, happiness. Those are the ones that laughed when her brother tickled her. Those are the ones that cried whiles watching an emotional movie. Those are the ones which worried when her father came home tired. Those are the ones which twinkled seeing a bar of chocolate. But they aren’t the same eyes anymore. Look deep into them… And you’ll drown in the deluge of emotions – pain, anguish, hatred, loneliness and passiveness. Those silent eyes speak volumes. Those eyes, once filled with dreams and desires, now remain cold and dead. Those eyes that made everyone smile, have themselves forgotten the word ‘smile’.

Once, they resembled a beautiful lake filled with water so pure, that one would find solace in their silence and a balm to one’s wounds. Now, it remains nothing but a piece of land, devoid its water, its tranquillity.

All that is left is a barren land, so hot from the heat of the sun, that this time, it won’t heal you but rather burn your feet and give you scars. All that is left are the dried weeds that no longer sway to the gentle breeze. All that you can see are fissures in the land and if you look deeply, they will express their story of how every tiny drop in the vast lake has been sucked by the callous sun.

And just the same way, the dried tear stains will cry out to you of how those beautiful eyes have suffered endlessly, every day and every second, so much so that every tear drop has evaporated.

And now those eyes have no warmth left for you, just the heat that shall scorch you with one glance.

~Shilpee Agrawal

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