Still and Alleviated

It was zoology class; sitting on the first bench time was about eleven ,took a pen in my hand and topsy-turved the notebook on the bench I was going to jot down whatever teacher was going to indoctrinate but having least interest in class, I was traumatized by some other things all that was messed up in my mind was a bit erie I was keenly wiretapping everything ; classroom , classmates , charts and yes most importantly the rain tripping over everything outside, it seemed as if sky was sobbing; sobbing for something that could never be changed. I just couldn’t comprehend what teacher was throwing light upon, rather I was listening to the dip n dip of rain which was now and then changing its pace ,at one moment it was falling as a curse upon people and at the other knocking down as a blessing, I stabbed to concentrate on the lecture but all in vain , at the back of my mind I was introspection and watching people Around me giving an ear to the teacher , I was not present in class; though physically I was but mentally I was in my world of thoughts . Out of the blue I felt deep pain in my head as if someone had smacked my head upon wall , I ventured to breathe but I couldn’t, I grasped and as I was almost percipient in thoughts I couldn’t get myself out of there I struggled to breathe ; felt as If someone was tenanting my breath and my soul was being pervaded, I felt death closer to me ,agonizing my breath resipted I could feel the pain as if I came back to life from eternity. Something eccentric had happened It was aberrant too I was trying to apprehend it ; “TRING” the bell rang, Class was over and I was sitting still and alleviated.

By Sobiya Mukhtar

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Someday if you don’t find me, Look for me in silence.. I may not have lost, But may have merged in it.. Look for me where my words fly, Somewhere under a starry sky.. Somewhere where dreams are believed to come true, Where there’s no trap and my soul is set free.. Look for me […]

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