Sonnet For A Troubled Dreamer.



Ever so often I fear I shall not be,
Be able to garner ample strength from these trials,
Become enlightened by this swerving, warping, wriggling history,
Stand tall in belief that I am right; and so my absurd styles.
I fear that beneath this shield of rubber emotion,
Lies resting, the true essence of love, unfelt ;
That the dagger in my sheath, gently stationed,
Would remain in awe of the blow it never dealt.
I worry that when I close my eyes for the last time ,
Breathe my last breath and dream my last dream ;
I will not shed tears for memories sublime,
Just tears for a life I wish to redeem.
But- ever so often; this I am incompetent to see, it seems,
You live for today and tomorrow is but your dream.


– Salik Syed


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