Forlorn, I’m living again in my realm of isolation,
Where my rotten memories lead to frustration:
Forlorn I mourn, die and no one cares,
Hapless am I why? knowing no one cares:
Forlorn I talk to walls,
As I ponder over my elapsed life, I munch my nails;
Forlorn my eyes are left wet,
And mind to think the people who never care:
Forlorn I’m yet again, Yeah! They forgot me,
But never I forgot my solitude is with me:
Forlorn I live in solutude, the abode to which I don’t belong,
And know you not? Isolation is my favorite song:
Forlorn am I in my realm, with a thought, everyone is my chum,
And putting an end, I pretend, solitude my only chum;
Forlorn I work so tough to make my life worse,
And at times I think I’m affluent in the hind of hearse;
Forlorn I am, No-one to carve my feelings up, my soul ever wept,
The burden passed away, the woe is still left;
Forlorn I cry aloud, I can’t live this pain anymore,
Red, dead tears roll down, as I grasp this gun.

By Syed Zumair Nadim

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