Seek Me Salvation

Thoughts getting entwined,collapsing together like undetachable strands of spaghetti.
Blurry vision….double images…reflection of the upside down
Windows on the phone screen, concealed partly by the curtains…..ripping me off sanity.
Cloistered thoughts….degrading in a bourgeois mind…giving out a fowl smell…..
That only I can tell…..
“Let it go…..just let it go….” – a voice whispering from inside.
Often getting choked …..and overpowered by a more intimidating growl from beside……
Manipulating me to hold on… feel the excruciating pain…to embrace it.
Now and then, the whisper is trying to unstrangle itself and vehemently pleading to let go….to forget it….
But soon getting ensnared by that horrendous growl from within it.

I want to burst open my mind…..scatter away those thoughts…to the furthest horizon
From where they would miserably fail to boomerang back to me….causing distraction.

My mind needs salvation. My soul needs salvation. Estrangement will seek me salvation.

-Mouboni Dutta

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