Say You Love Me Soon

Oh my closeted archangels,
Come out of the russet sky,
Pray! For a merrier fate,
If vanity is to toll the blessings.

The scars have smeared,
They look beautiful now.
The heart beckons a soul,
Let her sing to me wishes.

Don’t let my wings get frosty,
For if broken I find them?
The heart shall be smithereens,
That’s somehow expelled¬†brokenness.

From the rapture’s road of Shahid,
To merry Shakespearean love,
On my ferry to religion,
To my Gazelle in Millions.

I’ve forged, in this rain,
My dreams on an anvil,
Her subtle cries are chiming,
In this love, Profound.

~Ubair Fayaz Fazili

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