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  • Kashmirs Biggest Online Writing Competition Held
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    May 15, 2016 Online journal, The Phantom Thoughts organized the award ceremony of “Writers Quest” the biggest online writing competition ever in valley . The event took place at GoodFellas in presence of the participants who secure the top twenty five positions in the competition. Professor Lily Want, ex HOD English department Kashmir University and […]

  • Writers Quest Result
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    The wait is over! Here are the results for the biggest ever online writing competition of Kashmir. All the entries were beyond expectation. Top 5 (1st 2nd & 3rd rank will be disclosed on ceremony) SUMIEYA KAZIM(146), SHEIKH JALEES HYDER(172), IDEED RAFIQI(186) FAKHRUNNISA(333) BISMA ALI(351) Top 25 (With their Ranks) 6th. HUZAIF BHAT(335) 7th. TASNEEM […]

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Someday If You Don’t Find Me
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Someday if you don’t find me, Look for me in silence.. I may not have lost, But may have merged in it.. Look for me where my words fly, Somewhere under a starry sky.. Somewhere where dreams are believed to come true, Where there’s no trap and my soul is set free.. Look for me […]

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