• Again
    Posted in: Poetry

    Again yes again some thoughts are talking places in my mind which l have buried somewhere somedays ago… Again again people are getting nicer to me in a way l like, who have discarded me earlier, Again yes again some birds are trying to fly higher and higher which earlier have stopped believing in the […]

  • Castle of Sand
    Posted in: Poetry

    In this castle of sand, I’m just a grain so small Riding with the wind, revolving in the dust And as the storm rages, I can see everything, Looking so beautiful with a little blur And as the wind stops, my ride ends The blur fades And all I see, is clear The picture becomes […]

  • A Beautiful Mess
    Posted in: Poetry

    They don’t contain me now – Not your thoughts, None of your memories; Memories – all black and grey, Stinging dupery of times gone astray. Thank God for people who crossed my ways in life’s forlorn alleys and caressed my spirit with Holy grace. I somehow moulded my broken pieces together- Like a beautiful piece […]

  • Never Gone
    Posted in: Poetry

    They tell me you’re gone – Gone for good. Little do they, however, know You dwell in my thoughts; Here, you are immortal – Never gone, never far. They ask me your whereabouts And I look up to the skies, Wishing it were just simple To break beyond all shackles Of tacit bondages and Dismember […]

  • The Calling
    Posted in: Poetry

    My journey all turned tiresome the cracked paths and dusty feet all narrate my story . My heart beats for nothing my marble soul finds no peace . Chasing the fog , I run in the woods where every chirp and every crisp walk leads me to His place . The prisms of sun lead […]

  • Mother
    Posted in: Poetry

    Begetter of my beinghood Sustainer, carer, my earliest livelihood Being a conduit for this life of mine Then nurtured me with love unconfined Her’s was the face, my eyes first knew With the love she fed me, my heart and body grew They say, she is so prestiged, My heaven lies under her feet I […]

  • Hope
    Posted in: Poetry

    They asked me to paint hope on canvas I shuddered and painted it black . they asked me to talk about hope I stammered but my tongue was frozen they asked me to write about hope I let my pen kiss the paper but , it left no mark they asked me to listen what […]

  • The Tree and Me
    Posted in: Poetry

    Passing through a serene colourful horizon, Meeting full of wonders, With an intricate angel of nature, Namely a tree, But greatly a mark, unconsciously lost in its depth, Confronting its dignity, Although in search of my vigour, As impressed with its class, Although unaware of my inner revolution , Longing for its tasty fruits, Yet […]

  • Mother | Queen of Love
    Posted in: Poetry

    Woe be to the heart If it knows not Moon, though brighter Cannot outshine Face of my mother Sacred her glimpse Salvageth; bedridden Her words sweeter Than honey & sugar Wherein salve & remedy Are blended together Love and care Flow through her fingers Bowl of food She mixes when Shrinked stomach of mine Responds […]

  • God’s Perfect Picture
    Posted in: Poetry

    The birds flying away in the ash laden clouds above The sun creeping down to take a nap in eternity The glittering array of stars stealing the thunder And the moon ending the show in its symbolic serenity How not so great the world would have been had the show never been telecast But thank […]

Phantom Thoughts


Someday If You Don’t Find Me
Posted in: Poetry

Someday if you don’t find me, Look for me in silence.. I may not have lost, But may have merged in it.. Look for me where my words fly, Somewhere under a starry sky.. Somewhere where dreams are believed to come true, Where there’s no trap and my soul is set free.. Look for me […]

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