• Stuck in The Middle
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    Stuck in the middle, Middle of nowhere. Nowhere light, nowhere dark. Just a blurred vision. I see somehow ! I see a ray, a ray of hope. Booming bright straight through the rope. The room I live in is somewhat Blue. Blue is the sky and so is the pool. The pool make me sick. […]

  • Love Sways
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    Let this mortal body, Caper around. For, only thy love shall; Exonerate my, Immured sould. Let me dance, With all my insanity, For saints never, Love at all. Let me wager, My whole existence, To have the glimpse, Of thy love. If even then, You are a dream, Then; Let the reality be dream, And […]

  • Life With The Curl
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    Walking through that lane, On that one bright sunny day, When she met someone who wasn’t so sane, But was completely very happy and gay. The moment I saw him, I wanted to befriend, That filled me with so much of whim, I never wanted that day to end. Living in his own marvelous world, […]

  • Broken Dreams A Sigh
    Posted in: Poetry

    A Carrefour stood wide and broad. My eyes peeped through the bars, With sunken shoulders stooping low. Can you see my broken dreams? Broke out; drove long under the shackles, Screamed loud, all through, the desert, Rived open my wounded chest. But did you saw my bleeding dreams? Spread out my bruised & battered arms. […]

  • The Last Leafs Promise
    Posted in: Poetry

    Just when spring walked in, they strode. To the humble winds, they disrobe. Took in all that spring had to offer. Warmth, was the most pleasant claim it had offered. Just when warmth was right in proportion. They bloomed their mellifluous emotions. When summer creeped in, they did ripe. And with every ripened vibe, they […]

  • Luck
    Posted in: Poetry

    Life was lost in eclipse. And Luck was cloudless,although, Life Swiftly hugged Bright sun of its own. But Haplessly, luck had dissappeared, Somewhere, In the Dark horrible clouds, Where all dreams shattered Into massacre with, Shadow of despond. ~M.mohsin

  • The Voice
    Posted in: Poetry

    As time passes slowly by drifting gently through this night, my thoughts begin to wander – as if mounted on the wings of clouds nearby spread across the vastness of the sky – I’m fluttered away into the moon dust A subtle voice cries out to me – pulls me like a moth to a […]

  • Bold
    Posted in: Poetry

    I looked into her eyes, boldly, held her gaze, what seemed like hours were mere seconds and then she looked away, blushing and I continued to look at her. She knows what I am doing, she understands well. Years later I saw her again. Tried to look into her eyes, not so boldly but she […]

  • Words
    Posted in: Poetry

    I look at the black bold alphabets They dance a tango on my paper Yet , not bother to enter my brain . I murder them with blue And curse them from within . I feel no love for them And yawn yawn and yawn , till its one . Poisoned ! Poisoned ! They […]

  • Death
    Posted in: Poetry

    Come to me with a smile And lift my soul with grace Be gentle and not cruel Let me see mercy and love by your side Death , leave me not with thorns on my way But take me to clouds and heavens Let sky be no dark And moon shine at its best Death […]

Phantom Thoughts


Posted in: Stories

By Vaidehi Sharma   It has been fifty four days since I saw you, and just in case you think that I have forgotten the formation of your face, then you are wrong. If you think that I haven’t even tried that, you’re wrong again. You should have warned me that it’s our last meeting, […]

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