• Roses Bathed In Red
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    A poem dedicated to all those little children who were brutally killed in the Peshawar attack Mothers cried in sadness. What is more sad, however, Is that Sadness itself cried for the innocent little Roses bathed in Red fragrance, It cried watching them die, As happiness fled away. Gatherings raised to pick them up Dressed in […]

  • Hope
    Posted in: Poetry

    A long period of darkness, these jaded eyes complain Striving for light, enervated by pain. Sorry I had a tough time, my moon was on the wane. I had lost my touch, I had forgotten my aim. But through a twitchy experience, I have learned the game The clouds are gone, my Sun is shining […]

  • Let Me Be Me!
    Posted in: Poetry

    I opened my eyes, to the wholesome light I found out nothing new, nothing dark or bright, a long thread, ties me up in my breath cuffs my hands, locks me up until my death. Let me be me, who I am after this life, free from bonds, and the material in this world of […]

  • The Evening Sun
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    When I’d write something for you, I’d make sure its deep down from heart… I’d make sure it suffices your longing and makes you warm a bit and cold enough. I’d make sure it sets right there where you want, There where your heart would want… and arouses in you the darkness and the glitters […]

  • Sonnet For A Troubled Dreamer.
    Posted in: Poetry

      Ever so often I fear I shall not be, Be able to garner ample strength from these trials, Become enlightened by this swerving, warping, wriggling history, Stand tall in belief that I am right; and so my absurd styles. I fear that beneath this shield of rubber emotion, Lies resting, the true essence of love, […]

  • They Dream In Dream
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    They dream in dream And they wake up in dream They’re mad they say Its them its they No you, No I No that and there Its her or he With love they play They are creatures of earth Yet live in air They love they love They move they sway O heavens! they lack […]

  • What Have I Done To Her ?
    Posted in: Poetry

    ” Sweet thing, soft thing, A Girl who used to believe that lightning is a flash of the Almighty’s huge camera. A Girl who used to forgive over a single chocolate bar. A Girl who cried incessantly over silly, stupid movies. A Girl who slid so hard into home base, that she knocked the wind out of […]

  • The Ash Didn’t Fall Tonight!
    Posted in: Poetry

    Do you? hear my words… Yes I am awake in this dark! when the clouds outside accompany the sky and the rain concealed the stars and the death of life is hovering about the lanes do you? hear my voice… when the phantoms of the darkest hour wander about free over the waters and the […]

  • The Phantom Thoughts
    Posted in: Poetry

    With thick strokes of my blood the pen puts down my thoughts, Pretending to run for cure, I secretly pray for more blood. Over the echo of this silence I hear your voice saying my name. But deep down I know you are too busy to earn that fame The pages of my notebook soak, […]

  • Anguished Soul
    Posted in: Poetry

    Aiman Banday And somehow I, continue to darken my soul for a world fake, and a life I try to make, of glittering greeds and cunning wits and deeds, enlightened I am though, but only for a while now, and then I am to be doomed, for that I am being groomed well by myself […]

Phantom Thoughts


Someday If You Don’t Find Me
Posted in: Poetry

Someday if you don’t find me, Look for me in silence.. I may not have lost, But may have merged in it.. Look for me where my words fly, Somewhere under a starry sky.. Somewhere where dreams are believed to come true, Where there’s no trap and my soul is set free.. Look for me […]

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