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      By Jitin Sethi   With all the aspirations, a bird has flown. Conquering the obstacles, those mountains and the winds have shown. A difficult journey she started, testing her will power. Targeting her lonely patience, every hour. With courage embedded in her soul, she is a free mind with thoughts on a roll. Fearless, […]

  • Someday If You Don’t Find Me
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    Someday if you don’t find me, Look for me in silence.. I may not have lost, But may have merged in it.. Look for me where my words fly, Somewhere under a starry sky.. Somewhere where dreams are believed to come true, Where there’s no trap and my soul is set free.. Look for me […]

  • Tyrant Has To Die
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    We went missin’ couple a days, O’Prophet pray; eternal lament nor come in my way. Remember, the cries countless, cries like of dump champ. And a single inch bare heart, and the lips thirsty. Life and death; cruel sword and arrow both willing to die, O’h tyrant. timid boy pledge shall be hardnut…and you have […]

  • Night
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    Time of ghosts has come, time to hide has come, footprints near to come, over shadow eye has come. As one left empty and one look dark as in cave, and as one enemy gossips with torn fibers and a person stitch the dark. All wing trapped and fly becomes illegal. Parents disappears; curtains cover […]

  • Seek Me Salvation
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    Thoughts getting entwined,collapsing together like undetachable strands of spaghetti. Blurry vision….double images…reflection of the upside down Windows on the phone screen, concealed partly by the curtains…..ripping me off sanity. Cloistered thoughts….degrading in a bourgeois mind…giving out a fowl smell….. That only I can tell….. “Let it go…..just let it go….” – a voice whispering from […]

  • Lost Mind
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    So when your thoughts Leave and surpass The realm of your own mind And they wander lost Rising above mundanity That’s when you’ve come out Of the shackles of your own Narrow mindedness And you are able to see extraordinary In just otherwise ordinary Because the ordinary does not exist there In a space that […]

  • Journey By Bus
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    I move,I sway,I tremble, As I move by the bus, I see- Vendors selling fruits,vegetables; Children coming from the school; I gaze; At beautiful skies; Wander my eyes across,up and down; I stare- At weird activities around-here and there; Sometimes I drool over and over The seat feeling drowsy, Throughout the journey….. I’m amazed- At […]

  • With Another Wine
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    Nobody do like she do the things which please him , She was thinking about him, Her love,her life Left her alive to die every night, She tried to stop him But his decision was frozen, She laugh,she cry Try hard to deny, He fumble because he told lie He thought he was right, But […]

  • As The Ink Flew
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    As the ink flew, On those papers that blew, As the hands became cold, Killing memoirs not too old, The invisible thread that, Kept you tied to me, It’s broken, it’s gone, Granting freedom to thee, Leaving all that’s burnt, All that’s left is grey ashes, To welcome a new sun, To greet the new […]

  • No One
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    Smile on every face Still a tear on mine Sound of laughing everywhere But still a soul screaming and crying from inside Looking everywhere for help But no one has got time to look into my eyes My words are shaking , my heart is breaking But still no one hears my voice and still […]

Phantom Thoughts


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By Vaidehi Sharma   It has been fifty four days since I saw you, and just in case you think that I have forgotten the formation of your face, then you are wrong. If you think that I haven’t even tried that, you’re wrong again. You should have warned me that it’s our last meeting, […]

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