One Life Is Not Enough

One life is not enough –

TO LET ME…………………
Sail the Pacific and Arctic – know the Bermuda’s panic
Count the dazzling stars – see the Reddish of Mars
Touch the North and South pole – fill the dreadful ozone hole

TO LET ME…………….
Circumbulate the holy baitullah – pray for fatal Ebola
Stop Yemeni and Saudis- blood on Palestine boundaries
Find the Malaysian plane -lost like the drop of rain
Heal wounds of Nepal – listen to the lost sounds

TO LET ME………………
Carry the flood victims – where Satisar again emerges
Stop the unknown killings – decline the grave fillings
Search  the lost sons – bring them to hopeless mums
Name the unknown graves – buried where innocent braves

TO LET ME…………………..
Pray for centuries – demolish the disputed boundaries
See the universal fraternity – prove the unique maternity
Sing the song of freedom – build my native kingdom
Die in this battle – sow on my grave a petal


Written by Bhat Rayees Sursona. 

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