Time of ghosts has come, time to hide has come,
footprints near to come, over shadow eye has come.

As one left empty and one look dark as in cave,
and as one enemy gossips with torn fibers and a person stitch the dark.

All wing trapped and fly becomes illegal.
Parents disappears; curtains cover courageous and we surrender infront the dark.
And a book stands silently beside my bed and an alarm stops.

I am old in this evil majestic presence of night, in haunted chambers of night.
I am old like some old poet’s rhyme and convey into danger’s grabbed night.

It’s fearful night, I got no farewell night,

I am in the dead of night,
and the loud roar echoing soon stops.

I am on the bed until tempest stops.
It’s fearful night, I got no farewell night,
Time of ghosts has come, time to hide has come,
Time of dark has come, time of death has come, time of night has come.

-Ahmed Sajid

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