Nigeen and Farewell

Roused with a sun rise
Weary morn at the heels of-
sleepless nights
gashed steps navigating me
To the meadow well-nigh my nest
A lake besides it; a bridge ally of my nest
Silent and serene; known by Nigeen
A sky loomed with dimness
Lush & green; posh and picturesque
A dancing sun; a singing lake
Nigeen-a niche of fragile lovers
thresh-hold I nudged bit softly
flash-backs ah! heart pounds slowly
Vividness in the leaves! Versatile beauty
I tread a path! limbs trembled in dismay
With two feet I walked ahead!
Four footprints returning to me!
as if in yore some lovers were here!
Desks buried! With fallen leaves
So I swept away some of them to-
recline for while amidst melancholy.
then I swept some more beside me!
to feel the presence of my absentee..
Celerity of wind from a Dal-lake
ripples it create!on the Nigeen’s surface
a girl on;the deck of houseboat
garland of Nymphaea she adorns naively
stream of consciousness; in tranquillity
we never did but! bid a fare-well
Fresh dews piled up on my skin
as if your fingers caressed me
A breeze approaching has a message-
to me
It swirls and whirls then whispers silently
“wipe these tears away
lake Nigeen is feeling;inferior to them”

~Ensha Zahrah

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