Never Gone

They tell me you’re gone –
Gone for good.
Little do they, however, know
You dwell in my thoughts;
Here, you are immortal –
Never gone, never far.
They ask me your whereabouts
And I look up to the skies,
Wishing it were just simple
To break beyond all shackles
Of tacit bondages and
Dismember thyself
Of this corporeal being,
So I could ascend to your Heavenly abode.
In topsy-turvy, I close my eyes and
Let my memory flip through the chaos
To the days of joy and laughter,
Of moments wondrous and magical,
To the eternal crescendo
Of your love, unconditional.
Through hallowed woods of your remembrances,
I wander, aching silently
With the indelible stains of your love,
Till all is still and nothing left
But me in pieces of bare existence –
For the bits of my peace
Lay buried six feet deep, with you.
And they question your presence!
But the warmth of your embrace and
The soul of your touch –
That still lingers on in me –
Are things too ethereal
For the vision of the world that is
Too blind to see me through and
Find you betwixt my being –
Entwined in soul.
So I weave, in verses, your memories
And unfurl all vistas of your existence,
To be etched on the gossamer pages of time for eternity;
For it is only through words that
I breathe life into you,
For it is only here where now you live –
Always close.
Never gone.

~Sumieya Kazim

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