My Reminiscence Of Grief

Settle down underneath this shroud
to hear me whisper a melancholic song,
I have been dead for an eternity now,
crushed by pain to re-live pain

I lost my sight to a fathom gaze,
Bewitched, my soul tended to escape.
Painted thus a purge, they espied away
and left me to tatter my own space

He lead me to an ecstatic lurch
the juvenile me – corroded to hollow grimace.
He buried me in my nightmares,
Insomnia haunted me in my grave

A strange abode far from the sky,
covered by smoke and vibrant haze
I cannot breathe, I choke in insolence
I die, churned within these walls

Come! Free me from these shackles and sways
or set ablaze this entire reminiscence!

Written by Q. Mar’ea

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