My Haven

And at times when
the world leaves me
tired and weathered,
when I’m spent and done-
sick of the survival
down to the bone,
In the reveries of time
and hopes forlorn
All I do is go afar to you
for the bits of my peace
lay buried
six feet deep, with you –
In topsy turvy,
I close my eyes and
let my memory flip
through the chaos
to the days of care and laughter,
to the eternal crescendo
of your love so unconditional
to those moments of togetherness-
so wondrous and magical,
to the tales you told that
chilled the bone
and reached the soul-
Through hallowed woods
of your remembrance,
I wander
till all is still and
nothing is left
but me
in peaceful pieces
of bare existence.

~Sumieya Kazim

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