Lost Mind

So when your thoughts
Leave and surpass
The realm of your own mind
And they wander lost
Rising above mundanity
That’s when you’ve come out
Of the shackles of your own
Narrow mindedness
And you are able to see extraordinary
In just otherwise ordinary
Because the ordinary does not exist there
In a space that you’ve reached
And all you perceive there is beauty
For aught is beauty,
When you’ve ousted from
the limiting dimensions
And eluded from
your own restrictive senses
But Alas!
suddenly You get slipped back
To this limited physical world
By its slightest enticement
From ecstatic beautiful emancipation
Back towards miserable slavery
And you’re left
With the yearning
To feel the same solace again
That what they call, “lost mind”

-Iqra Altaf

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