Lost Her Best Friend

And she closed the door, locked herself up and started weeping. She was blaming herself for whatever had happened. She was weak, perhaps, and could not control her tears that were running down her cheeks. She was in a shock. She couldn’t believe anyone even herself too, all alone in the room she shouted shouted louder until her voice had no clout to shout, she was in a state of loneliness. She could not cope with her mind as if it had stopped thinking. ‘Open the door dear it wasn’t your fault at all.’ Someone outside there on the door said. Though this voice pursued her ears but she was paying no attention, again a knock on the door, ‘Sana open the door please for my sake.’ She hit herself up gathered some courage and opened the door, as soon as she opened the door she felt in the arms of her dad. Her father hugged her and wept to,she had gone unconscious her father Laid her down on the bed and said, ‘May Allah give us both the strength to cope.’ A few minutes later she suddenly opened her eyes and screamed, ‘Mom come back please come back mom I need you I love you I will be a good girl will never ask for chocolates ,will pack my school bag myself ,I promise just come back.’ And she felt unconscious again . It was 12 July 2004 she was with her mom on a drive to some event she was running late so she forced her mother to drive the car fast and faster out of the blue there car was hit a bus and her mother was on the spot dead and she had some minor injuries but this day was a curse upon her .
But as said, life goes on , days passed month passed and years passed it was 12 July 2016 now she had turned up 18,she woke up in the morning offered namaz and wept as she was missing her mother ,though she had a step mother now and a loving father and a little sister too but she had lost her best friend in her childhood. She pretend to be the most happiest the most joyful girl but deep inside she was broken into pieces, nowadays everything was going in a mess in her life she wished that she could have her mother with her so that she could share everything but she was not so blessed by God with so . She never told anyone about this incident, because she never wanted sympathy or support. She wanted to be brave and face everything alone.

~Sobiya Mukhtar

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