Life With The Curl

Walking through that lane,
On that one bright sunny day,
When she met someone who wasn’t so sane,
But was completely very happy and gay.
The moment I saw him,
I wanted to befriend,
That filled me with so much of whim,
I never wanted that day to end.
Living in his own marvelous world,
Playing and jumping and laughing,
When he saw a girl with her hair neatly curled,
And all he could do was imagine.
Imagining him to be friends with her,
Imagining her to be friends with him,
Something felt so heartwarming like fur,
The thoughts went round and round the rim.
Purposely slid in the dusk to that street,
Hiding behind the gateways,
Wondering if they could only meet,
And have a reason to be full of praise.
Not long when they soon were in love,
Not long when they soon were more than they wanted to be,
Something which was so pure as a dove,
An adorable future they wanted to see.
Life isn’t always so easy,
Love isn’t always full of peace,
Only when you’re always known to be “busy”,
Know that you’re ripped off every piece.
Being heartbroken isn’t a big deal,
Being heartless is considered more of a trend,
How stupid if you can’t simply feel,
But want to bring everything to an end.
Once again, walking through that dusty lane,
In the dim dusky dawn,
From the face, when there where clouds of rain,
Wishing you could go back to be a fawn.
Playing, jumping and laughing once again,
When he saw another girl,
Erstwhile he used no brains,
And led his life with the curl.

-Akaanksha Sharma

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