Life and Seasons

The corner candy shop
like a rainbow descended from the sky
The colours magnificent
Still are a part of my memory
The dresses I wear today
May the courtesy be to Him
The old rugged man
Whose boots in black
Sickened me to the core
Tick Takk Tick Takk!
His beard
Almost a cloud
His eyes
The black dots
Of a white rose
And how can I forget his hands
Of milk which made
the curd in days like today
The summer I mean
Turns and turns and turns
Hold on!
To reach his abode
The Orange crystal candies
And pipes puffed with power
And my hands
Treated the bacteria
With every lick of Imli
Back home to the job
as if opening a rack stitched
In uncountable numerics
Such a journey to open the chains
To having on knees
A white scary paper
The words moon walking
And my mind playing the tunes
The wood carved thing in my mouth
And her
Mama seeing my colourful tongue
Next having a sore throat
And my nose melting to the eleven
Ha Ha
This didn’t conclude here
Granny was rich in coins
and her mind as sound
I was a bank to them
and my pockets, a universe
I visited him time and again
Through the narrow lanes of Ghulam
To where was the transformer
A mighty robot I thought
My slippers never disappointed me
With heavy breaths
I rested near his shop
To buy my favourite orange candies again
Such difficulty!

-Mehak Ayaz

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