Let Me Paint

Let me paint you today,
In the realm of my love,
A portrait of words,to be unfurled,
On the walls of my decrepit heart.

Let me paint you today,
In my incessant deserts of longings,
Before the sands swallow my footprints,
Of the love-uncherished!

Let me paint you today,
For the hues of my lost spring,
Air thick-buzz of bees,fragrance of butterflies,
For the garden you never visited!

Let me paint you today,
In the kiss,our teeth collided,
For the heartbeats we shared,
Under the warmth of your rising breath.

Let me paint you today,
From the colours of my words,
Dead-unsaid on my lips,
And the riddles-unsolved!

Let me paint you today,
In the night of solitude,
On the rough canvases of my heartbreak,
Out of the tears of separation.

~Faizan Habib

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