Lead Me To You

It is impossible to answer,
a question which is not
even asked, I know.
I wish I ceased to think of you
but I can’t.
Your name is a secret unaware to me
I am your spy in those oceans of lust.
I am your spy from that in sweet-smelling
Unaware of your name that I long to hear.
You are something close to me
Yet,you are something lost to me
Once this name I will hear of yours
I would stop the world,
I would cover up the Sun
I would be invisible,
And for you could nobody else.
I could be a giant,
To steal your name
Your Name what will get stuck in my tranc-like world.
Your name that is unnknown to me.
That I long to hear.
Your Name will be amazingly Perfect
May be As Flawless As your Eyes
As Enchanting As your Laughs
As Beautiful as your Smile.
I Smile as I think
An Addict, I Become
To The Vision of getting her
She will be my beloved.
Whom for my love will go beyond
The time,I will see you
I will close up my eyes
Beautiful, you will be my darling,
Dazzling you must be
You will be delightful,
Angelic grace will be sparkling.
Your smile will lighten up my day,
Like the sun rising in the morning.
The moon smiling in the dark
You will be most beautiful, I do say!
something not known to me,
Turning will be me to you
I all will be chanted within me
Finally I am unaware to you
I will love that each day
That will be having you in it
I will be waking up for the world that will be having you in it
And that I will be blessed
With the life that took a path
That will lead me to you
That will lead me to you
That will lead me to you
At last,
Hopes of getting the ‘right of you’
‘Finally no longer unaware to you’

By Fayiq Wani

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