Last Handshake

To you, I’m writing this plaint O brother!
To nobody else can I write this lament.
Those awaited meetings and warm welcomes;
That Joyful lawn cricket at your place and silly carom fights;
Those childhood arguments followed with regret and apologies,
That caring nature and incredible brotherly relation.
Those endless talks, street walks and evening visits to café;
That priceless smile and decent conversations.
How I’m gonna forget all this O brother?
Now you’re gone and your absence is felt
Every place is now dreary and the memories are left.
These memories of yours cause extreme ache,
I can’t stop myself wishing it’s all fake.
Truth is that you have left me alone,
seems like no one else is left in the town.
I’m looking for you everywhere O brother
but you seem to be nowhere my brother.
That last meeting now haunts me so much
Wish I had known it was last time we are meeting as such.
It’s true everybody has to depart one day,
I just wish that one day wasn’t that Sunday.
I can’t forget the moments spent with you
neither that last meeting nor that last journey with you.
I still can feel that coffin on my shoulders,
it feels heavy,back breaking and freezing colder.
At last, that last smile, I’ll remember
and that last handshake-last hug, I’ll feel forever!

~Sharfulah Mehta

(Poet has written this for his brother
who passed in a car accident.)

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