Kashmir Without You

You left us voiceless,
Oh our “little champs”,
Oh our “little teens”!
You made us oblivious
of our existence
Without you, we are extinguished and
Thrown out from this dwelling of
Without you, the Valley insinuates
It is just like the silence of the city
when it pauses.
Just like a man-made silence.
Your innocence was stolen without
our permission, too early,
Innocence gone without our
You left us all in a well of tears.
Left us all troglodytic,
Left us broken,
Left us shedding.
You were the sun that sparkled.
You’re still in our hearts.
We hold you all in our thoughts
It doesn’t matter how old you were.
They killed you, all young and old.
We have lost all our guiding stars.
We don’t know what came over us
that day – an instant of weakness
after years of resistance,
I suppose
You may not know they finally turned
kashmir into a prison.
Valley no more “Jannat e Benazeer”
As we lay here in the dark, between
the prison of green forests.
People are well Overwhelmed by
As they sit in this quiet lonely place.
And for their thousand blows,
Deals one deathblow!
What though before us lies the open
No matter if,
Nation’ stays dummied up,
Fayiq’ will drawl,
Drawl, ‘cause the truth is not dead
Fayiq’ is languishing for your love he will have.
Fayiq’ feels a tear runs down his face.
To be continued!

by Fayiq Wani

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