Journey By Bus

I move,I sway,I tremble,
As I move by the bus,
I see-
Vendors selling fruits,vegetables;
Children coming from the school;

I gaze;
At beautiful skies;
Wander my eyes across,up and down;

I stare-
At weird activities around-here and there;
Sometimes I drool over and over
The seat feeling drowsy,
Throughout the journey…..

I’m amazed-
At Cosy human sights ,
Entering in and out of the bus..

I’ve observed –
The different moods,expressions and
Tenseness of people in the bus,
All types I’ve seen….

Sparrow so many species;
That come in my way…
I enjoy the quick chirping,
The smart movement of monkeys…….

I’m enthralled by the buzz,
And fussy markets and bazaars;
Adorned with various flowers
Of marigolds,chrysanthe­mums and red roses;
And even glazed with various traces of
Mango,apples,oranges­ and many more….

…..And then comes the suburbs of our city,
Various buses,lorries,cars creating a jam;
Our city surrounded by various green hills,
and temple on one of its peak;

A river stalled since with no water to sway,
…..I see it always dry.
Except around September when moist winds pass by….

I admire as I proceed;
Every inch-by-inch,
Distinguished paths,
Busy souls;
Glazing,blazing sun;
Flock of birds flying,
Dancing butterflies…
And many more….

I see,I enjoy,I learn
As I pass by through the bus….

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