In The Heart of Night

In the heart of night..
I stand by the window writing to you..
Writing to you my pain
Which axes my chest, I burn
As the wind slightly dances around.
There are no stars only a few..
And sky is asleep in the arms of dark.
I am writing to you, as my tears
Neglect to stop, my lids ache.
Yet the blood comes out to wet my dry lips.
I sigh, chasms kiss them in mirth..
My hands run to cover my teeth
For like acid it feels when I take in the air..
I am writing to you as I watch this street light..
It is glittering …dull gold…
And some mosquitoes are falling in love..
My soul they arrest, it knows no more
How to love with all its might…
And I am writing to you..
My beats say, you hear them when they beat..
Against the ribs that boil in angst..
And you calm the scorching insecurities
With the moon of your care and love..
And I Am Writing to you
Myself in these words..
As this long night Passes away…
And my breathes find peace…

~Tawam Ar Ruh

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