In a Despair

In a despair
Darkness in hues
Like other evenings
Here, I am!
Beneath the blanket of sky
With less printed stars
Overwhelmed by chilly winds
No breeze
Frigid confined the place
Winter it is
Silence reign all over
Deep quietness
Breathing in my chest
Rhythmic pale walks from nowhere
I hear
Disturb the whole scene
Chippers have had escape?
Kids might be in bosom
Such a stillness
Calm, soft
Feels like first love
I dart towards the sky
Don’t know the colour
I say it is dark
Eyes start counting stars
I’m winner today
I declare
‘Cause only few are in view
Other might be in warmer
You see, winter it is
In such numbness
I hear this huge gush
It’s fierce, savage
It’s inside me
In my heart
fue and storm together
Crushing this quietness
Taking me from its embrace
Antsy had taken over
Flashes of my million moments
Glints in a moment
On that red screen
I feel
Reflection of all my instances
Of all my existence
Of all my life
I see
Nostalgically beautiful
Restless and perplexity
Is all that
Could be make out of it
For my heart
Is in a dense cloud
Bewilderment and chaos
In its way
In a blind alley
no way to go
No lead to follow
Like a wanderer’
In a despair.

~Rafia Shabir

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