…and I was left frozen amidst the numbness of the night and beneath the hideous,vicious and devilish cackle of the sky.The awful blink of the scintillating stars above me restricted me from all the possible moves.I could feel their fierce flashes stabbing me from all the possible sides .The wicked whistle of the ferocious wind continuously rapping my ears with the unfaltering sounds of my present was an additive to the agony inside me.I sensed an eagle in the fierce gloom of my mind with its beak smeared with my blood.With my shivering hands,I struggled to wipe the tears off my face but nothing did my hands display except the splatter of blood over my skin.The mountains scoffed at me with their giant fanges smothered in ‘red’.The black trees had lost all their shades and their murderous shadows danced around my misery.Nor did the exalted birds of ‘peace’ abstained from singing a tale of woe to me. I stood convulsing under the speck of the moonbeam and spared no effort not to listen to the ever-daunting giggles and voices inside my head.I shut my eyes hard against all the angst around me but a wave of chill flashed inside my whole body as I felt a hand cupping my shoulder and in a snap my eyes flew open.
I found myself lying on my bed sweating heavily,blinking in the bright sunlight right over my face…


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By Vaidehi Sharma   It has been fifty four days since I saw you, and just in case you think that I have forgotten the formation of your face, then you are wrong. If you think that I haven’t even tried that, you’re wrong again. You should have warned me that it’s our last meeting, […]

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