He Did Depart

My thoughts aquiver more than my bleak hands,
in this cold night of February.
While the wind blows dismally,
My nubivagant thoughts break night’s primeval bars
and soar high in the sky thick with stars.
My ineffable love flashed through ranks of frightened stars.
The demure twilight moon casted a chimeral spell,
and here I lie in an oblivion,
wondering how his ephemeral love fled away,
leaving my soul seared with scars.
He is painful yet the most beautiful truth,
which I can’t deny.
I tried to enclose my soul,
but everything made me come more close to him.
The air brought with it his sillage,
and its tranquillity brought the echoes of his laughter.
Yeah,he did depart,but he couldn’t go from me!

~Qadri Madiha

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