It all Happened in a Prison Cell

The sun was up, I could hear the voices of children laughing, playing and dancing. Some were crying because they were losing money, some were playing football. Everybody seemed energetic. I could hear the voices of women, girls soaking in sun, sitting on those mats with their husbands.
The waves kept coming and the kids kept whooping. But my eyes continued staring that boy. He was sitting all alone wearing a white t-shirt and a kit. He was all alone enjoying the terrific windy nature. He was smiling, amusing and gazing at everything.
He kept gazing and I kept staring, I couldn’t stop myself and with that shouting and singing I saw myself getting closer to him. My tongue was stuck, my lips weren’t racing and my eyes were frozen. I tried to say ‘hello’ but I kept waiting! Waiting for him to see me. Tear drops kept rolling my cheeks. Here I was excited to see him, talk with him. Ask him where has he been? Why didn’t he call?
And there he was whooping, smiling, enjoying everything .I was shell-shocked.
Slowly I sat down beside him looking at the sky, the birds, the waves, the children.
Suddenly he felt something and there he started staring at me. I couldn’t stop myself from standing up, I saw him fearful, angry, horrified and tearful and the only voice I could hear was “help! Help me please! Help!”
I kept shouting, crying and sobering. My face, my hands were all blood washed.
I cried for help but I was all alone on that beach. Everything vanished in a sudden. I kept racing, strolling for help but all I could see was blood!
And I woke up heavily. In a sudden I saw myself on a wooden bed with a white pillow and a wooden table. I was all sweaty I kept breathing loudly and all I could see was a room with iron rods. I stepped forward with my arms and legs. At last I touched the iron rod and slowly I looked forward. My mouth was all dry and open, all I could see were iron rods with people crying and shouting.
I kept staring at them trying to understand where I was. Prison? Cell? Jail? I stopped and looked at my room. “A prison for …?” “A prison for …?” “A prison for mad people?” “A prison for mad people” “A prison for mad people” I kept repeating it to myself.
I heard the footsteps. The voices! It chuckled my heart; I didn’t know what was happening. My head was moving in directions and I could feel it laughing.
Nurses came rushing to my cell and tried to stop me. They grabbed me out of the cell and a nurse placed her hand on my mouth.
as I was walking their came a voice from behind
“you keep crying like hell”
voices came shouting
“you are crazy, stupid” (laughing)
“you only dream, keep dreaming”
they were all laughing and cackling at me. I couldn’t understand what I did so wrong?
My head felt exploding; I knew I couldn’t take it anymore.  I stopped; I tried to run away from those white shirt women and I succeed making my way towards corridor. My eyes were staring at the ‘blue colour room’; they were running after me and I was running towards my destiny.
I came closer to that ‘blue colour room’; I opened the door and locked it inside.
After that all I could see was blood on my hands, on my chest and blood all around me but slowly he kept coming towards me. I gave him my hand and suddenly I fell in his arms.

Sammah Masoodi

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